Welcome to https://wherewomenconnect.com, the website of Where Women Connect which is part of Elisabietta Holding BV. These Terms of Use govern your visit and use of the Platform and form a binding agreement between the Platform and yourself. The Terms of Use must be read in conjunction with the Privacy Policy and Code of Conduct.

1. Terms Of Use

1.1. These terms of use apply to all persons and organisations becoming members and creating a profile on Where Women Connect website www.wherewomenconnect.com (“Website”) or services offered by Where Women Connect. Where Women Connect (“WWC”) trades as a brand of Elisabietta Holding BV, company number 66602130 (“EHBV”).

We use the word “Platform” to mean any website, application, or service offered by WWC, including content we offer and electronic communications we send.

By accepting this agreement, you agree to the following terms and conditions and that these prevail over any previous terms and conditions.

1.2. These terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with our Agreement to Terms of Use, Code of Conduct and Privacy Policy (all of which can be found on our Website).

2. Membership

2.1. Your community membership will be charged on the basis of an annual fee or monthly fee, both of which are payable upfront.

2.2 Your membership fee grants you access to all of the features on our Platform. Some gatherings and events may require additional fees for participation. Those fees are your responsibility and not included with your membership.

2.3 At our discretion we may refuse any type of application and we shall not be obliged to state our reasons for such refusal or termination.

2.4 By purchasing the membership, you represent that you are at least 18 years old and you agree to WWC Code of Conduct as contained in Appendix A.

2.5 During the term of this Agreement, WWC will publish your community profile.

2.6 As a condition of membership with WWC, you are required to populate your profile with correct information that relates to you and your professional profile.

2.7 You are fully responsible for all legal obligations in relation to the information you populate your profile with and we do not accept any responsibility or liability in this regard. You can amend or update your profile at any time.

2.8 WWC does not conduct or require background checks on members and does not attempt to verify the truth or accuracy of statements made by members. WWC makes no representations or warranties concerning the conduct or content of any members or their interactions on the Platform.

2.9 WWC does not control the content of other members. When WWC become aware of inappropriate content on our Website, we reserve the right to investigate and take appropriate action, but we do not have any obligation to monitor, nor do we take responsibility for, the content of other members.

3. Membership and Payment

3.1. Payment for all fees should be paid at the start of the membership. Fees are subject to increase for subsequent years by WWC and you will be notified in writing of any change.

3.2. Payment for all fees is to be made via the Website and will be a subscription, settled either annually or monthly. Membership fees are billed on a recurring basis, payable in advance of the applicable period specified via the Website. We will automatically bill you for each renewal period until cancellation.

We may terminate your membership and remove you from our Platform if your payment fails and we are unable to contact you to collect this. If we are unable to process your membership payment successfully, our system will usually retry every 3 days using the existing payment method you added. We reserve the right to manually retry this payment(s) at any time on your existing payment method – or any new payment methods that you add to your account – to process any outstanding debts.

3.3 All products and materials within the membership will always remain the property of EHBV and are not to be reproduced or distributed.

3.4. All fees are exclusive of Value Added Tax unless specified otherwise.

3.5. All fees are quoted in EURO.

3.6. Payment is to be made upon acceptance of WWC’s terms and conditions, either in full or by means of the first direct debit instalment.

3.7. Membership fees are non-refundable for the period of the contract (one year or one month) and auto-renew. If you wish to terminate your contract within the period, you will be liable for the full non-refundable membership fee to be paid either in full or in instalments.

4. Terms of Subscription and Renewal

4.1. The membership will start from the day WWC notifies you of your successful application and the terms and conditions are accepted.

4.2. Should you wish to cancel your annual membership subscription, please notify us in writing, via email at support@wherewomenconnect.com 30 days before your membership subscription is set to renew. If we do not receive a termination notification from you, your membership will be automatically renewed for a further year and your membership fee due upfront. We will reply to your email with an acknowledgement of your cancellation request. If you have not received this from us, please follow up with us within the notice period to make sure we have received your notice. Members who allow their subscription to lapse are subject to cancellation.

4.3. Either party may terminate a membership subscription in accordance with the provisions of clause 5 below.

4.4. This agreement starts on the date of execution and will continue for a fixed term of one year and automatically be extended for each further year unless terminated with notice as outlined in 4.2 or in accordance with the termination provisions below. You may cancel your membership subscription at any time, but you will not be entitled to a refund if you terminate your membership early.

5. Termination

5.1. You may terminate your annual membership subscription at any time by written notice of 30 days and providing us with clear notice of your wish to terminate your membership. All outstanding fees will still be payable as no refund of any fees will be provided upon termination within the contracted period of one year.

5.2. We may terminate your membership and the contract between us on notice and without any liability to make any refund or other payment to you in the following circumstances:

5.2.1. you have breached these terms and conditions in any way;

5.2.2. you have committed a fundamental breach of the terms of our Agreement to Terms of Use;

5.2.3. If we believe that our membership criteria are not being met;

5.2.4. your continued subscription/affiliation with Where Women Connect may in our reasonable opinion adversely affect our goodwill or reputation;

5.2.5. any payment is declined

5.2.6. you or we cease to carry on business, are declared bankrupt or enter into an insolvency or administration procedure;

5.2.7. non-payment of membership fees

5.2.8  you are found to be operating illegally, are misrepresenting yourself or have links to criminal activity

5.3 In the event of a breach of this agreement or cancellation of the membership, we reserve the right to immediately withdraw your profile from the Website.

5.4 In the event of us notifying you of a breach, you will have 7 days within which to repair the breach, failing which the agreement will be terminated.

6. Consequences of Termination

6.1. Upon termination of this agreement, your right to access the Where Women Connect platform shall immediately cease and your profile will be removed from site.

6.2. Any termination of this agreement shall not affect any rights or liabilities that have accrued to us prior to such termination.

6.3. All good will built up through your use of the Where Women Connect platform is the property of WWC.

7. Protection

7.1 The Where Women Connect Logo is the property of WWC.

7.2 We will use the information which you supply to us, (without being exhaustive: name, website address, company details and social media names and links) in accordance with our Privacy Policy (which can be found on our Website).

7.3 You agree that all of the information provided to us for processing your application is correct and owned by you.

7.4 Our Website contains proprietary and confidential information and is protected by intellectual property and other laws. Unless we expressly permit it through this agreement, you agree that you will not, either directly or indirectly (a) use, host, store, reproduce, modify, publish, publicly display, publicly perform, distribute, or create derivative works of the Website, or any portion of the Website; (b) remove or alter the proprietary notices on the Website; (c) reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, or attempt to discover the source code or structure, sequence, and organization of the Website; and (d) rent, lease, resell, distribute, or use the Website for commercial purposes that are not contemplated by this agreement. You also agree that you will not use the Website to solicit or collect (i) personal data from others except as necessary for the administration of or participation in a group or event or (ii) sensitive personal data, as defined or treated as such under applicable law (including, by way of example only, health information and social security numbers and other government identifiers). In addition, you agree that you will comply with the export control laws of your local jurisdiction.

7.5  You agree that you will not, either directly or indirectly, (a) extract data from the Website for a commercial purpose not permitted by these terms and conditions, whether through use of an automated system or software, and whether operated by a third party or otherwise (“screen scraping,” “data scraping,” or “web scraping”); (b) engage in any activity that interferes with or disrupts, that is designed to interfere with or disrupt, or imposes undue burdens on the Platform or its systems.

7.6 We work hard to continuously improve our Website. This means that we may modify or discontinue portions or all of our Website with or without notice and without liability to you or any third party.

7.7 The Website may contain links to third party partners and promotional offerings. We don’t control these partners and aren’t responsible for their sites or services or their content or products. These partners may have their own terms and policies, and your use of them will be governed by those terms and policies.

8. Warranties

8.1 You warrant that all information that you have provided us with or have submitted to our site is true and accurate and not misleading in any way.

8.2 You warrant that in using our Website and being a member to our Website, you will comply at all times with our Agreement to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (all of which can be found on our Website) and all applicable laws, regulations and codes of conduct.

8.4 You warrant and confirm that you are a woman. In the event that WWC has reason to believe that this is not the case, your profile will be removed from the site, your membership will be automatically cancelled, and you will not be entitled to a refund of membership fees.

9. Indemnity

You hereby agree to, at all times during and after the term of this agreement, indemnify us and keep us indemnified against all losses, damages, costs or expenses and other liabilities (including legal fees) incurred by, awarded against or agreed to be paid by us arising from your breach of any term of this agreement, the Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

10. Force Majeure

We shall not be in breach of this agreement, nor liable for any failure or delay in performance of any obligations under this agreement, arising from or attributable to acts, events, omissions or accidents beyond our reasonable control.

11. Default Interest Rate

If you fail to pay any amount payable under this agreement, we may charge you interest on the overdue amount. You shall pay the interest immediately on demand, from the due date up to the date of actual payment, after as well as before judgement, at the rate of 6% per annum above the European Central Bank base rate. Interest will accrue on a daily basis and be compounded quarterly.

12. Severance

If any provision of this agreement (or part of any provision) is found by any court or other authority of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, unenforceable or illegal, the other provisions shall remain in force unless, in our reasonable opinion, the purpose of this agreement is frustrated as a result.

13. Variation

We may vary these terms and conditions at any time. The latest version of these terms and conditions shall be emailed to you at the address you supplied as part of your membership application. Your continued use of our site or the Where Women Connect Logo, constitutes your acceptance of any new or updated or amended terms and conditions.

14. Waiver

No failure or delay by us to exercise any right or remedy provided under this agreement or by law shall constitute a waiver of that (or any other) right or remedy, nor preclude or restrict its further exercise. No single or partial exercise of such right or remedy shall preclude or restrict the further exercise of that (or any other) right or remedy.

15. Assignment

This agreement is personal to you and you may not assign, transfer, sub-contract, delegate or deal in any other manner with this agreement. We may assign this agreement at our discretion and without providing you with notice.

16. Entire Agreement

This agreement, the Agreement to Terms of Use, the Privacy Agreement (all of which can be found on our Website) and The Where Women Connect Code of Conduct constitute the entire agreement between us and supersede all prior agreements, communications and proposals.

17. Third Party Rights

A person who is not a party to this agreement shall not have any rights under or in connection with it.

18. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

18.1 This Agreement and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Netherlands law.

18.2 The parties irrevocably agree that the courts of the Netherlands shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim that arises out of or in connection with this agreement or its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims).

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